Spray Tans By Appointment Only

Pacific Sun Spray Tan has gone completely mobile!

For online booking you MUST choose your correct area of Oahu that your artist will travel to give us the proper estimated travel time. Please contact us if you do not know or see your area location

  1. Online booking is available for Waikiki, Ala Moana, Kahala, Kailua, Aiea areas are available for online booking.
  2. Please call or text to schedule for North Shore,  Kaneohe, Koolina Wahiawa Ewa, and military basaes that need a guest pass to enter<
  3.    A $20 deposit will be required in the online  booking.
  4. If you are not sure what your area is please Call / Text/ WhatsApp +1-808-234-8808 

Book by Email or Contact Us Today!


Email: spraytanabby@gmail.com


Call/text: 1-808-234-8808
International text welcome!

You may also request an appointment by email below. Calling or texting will be a faster response

Abby’s cell +1-808-234-8808

Please Provide the Following in Message:

  1. Location address and or hotel name of the tan request
  2. The number of people getting tanned
  3. Date and time of the request
  • Abby McMurphy
    Abby McMurphy Full Time Master Spray Tan Artist
  • Stephen Danforth
    Stephen Danforth Master Spray Tan Artist (by request only)