Hours: 9am to 8pm by appointment only. Free parking available

Salon Pricing:

$49 Per Tan at Salon by Appointment

Mobile Pricing:

Mobile tans $65 (In waikiki)

Outside Waikiki please contact us for availability, pricing, and group discounts

  1. Text, call, or email Provide the date, number of people getting tanned, and address of location.
  2. Abby will contact you to confirm.

Movies, television, and production:

Please call for info and prices

Book Online Now!

Salon only

*A $5 deposit is required to book your tan. The deposit will be refunded with 5 hours advance notice of cancellation.

For mobile services, competition tans or questions Call/text 1-808-234-8808

If the time that you prefer is not available please call.



**It is recommended that you get your spray tan 2 days before any special occasion. Always bring cotton baggy, clothes for after your tan. Shower is available if needed at our location.

  • Stephen Danforth
    Stephen Danforth Master Spray Tan Artist (by request only)
  • Abby McMurphy
    Abby McMurphy Full Time Master Spray Tan Artist
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